Jul 8 2009

WordPress Default (Kubrick) Template Reference

In modifying the default “Kubrick” theme for WordPress, I didn’t find a concise reference for all the files in the theme directory, so I put one together:

404.php            wide-column standard "Not Found" error page
archives.php        wide-column archives listing page, by month and by category
comments-popup.php    full-page used for when the option to have comments area popup in a new window (not turned on by default) (http://codex.wordpress.org/FAQ_Working_with_WordPress#Can_I_have_popup_comments.3F)
image.php        wide-column page used for viewing a "linked-to" image resource (supercedes generic attachement.php)
links.php        wide-column links (bookmarks) listing page (ignores page content if chosed as the template to use in the admin section)
single.php        wide-column page used to display a single post with comments area

archive.php        narrow-column archive view page, shows filtered archive view (ex: by month or category)
index.php        narrow-column root template file, used for everything if other page templates are not present
page.php        narrow-column page used for "pages" created in the admin section
search.php        narrow-column page used to display search results

comments.php        used for inserting comments area and functionality into pages, present in image.php, index.php, single.php
footer.php        global footer (includes closing tags started in header.php)
header.php        global header (includes opening tags closed in footer.php)
searchform.php        optional include that will be used for search form template, used in sidebar and on search.php
sidebar.php        global right-side column, includes search form and list-based navigation elements

functions.php        optional global PHP functions automatically loaded by WordPress if present

This is probably out there somewhere already, but hopefully this will come in handy for someone else as well.