Jan 25 2010

Website Launch GO! Dance Project Saint Louis Gets a New Look

Dance Project Saint Louis

After working on it off-and-on for …what? Over a year? We have finally launched the new website for my wife’s dance studio: Dance Project Saint Louis. Design by Ken, code by me, content by Dance Project.

It’s running WordPress and took me longer than expected to get all the little things worked out. That just might have something to do with the fact that I’m not terribly familiar with advanced WordPress development, nor am I very well-versed in PHP. I did learn a lot on the way though and I kept as much [traditionally] dynamic content as possible. Although I will admit I hard-coded a few items. One big one being the primary navigation.

Hard-coding the primary nav has it’s benefits though. I like being able to use lengthier, more descriptive names on those pages while keeping the primary nav link text nice and short.

Also started using MailChimp as our email list management service, thanks to their generous “Forever Free” accounts. Up to 500 subscribers and 3000 sends per month should do us well for quite some time. I was having trouble getting their code to work in the new site, but their customer support (via chat) was very responsive and helpful. The person on the other end was knowledgeable(!) even with my technical questions. Ended up being some kind of conflict with other jQuery code, so the help he (or she) could provide was limited, but like Simple Motives, I’m always impressed by good customer service and by knowledgeable support staff.

So, please, check it out. If you’re in St. Louis, sign up your daughters. If you’re a fellow dev, then constructive criticism is welcome.